Teacher Resources for Technology Education



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Apple in Education Resources for Teachers and Administrators. A wealth of information including topics on special education, professional development, stimulus money, funding, and curriculum.
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Educational Technology Policy, Research, & Outreach. Part of the University of Maryland supplying multiple educational resources in curricular reform, collaboration, evaluation and assessment, and more....!
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Teacher Tube Teacher Vision. A leading resource for teachers providing lesson plans, graphic organizers, printable books,and quizzes.
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HotChalk Lesson Plans for computers and Internet. Includes multiple lessons using applications that connect content area to technology.
Flash classroom ideas and resources for Adobe P-12 education.
This site is devoted to using Flash in P-12 classrooms. The goal is to provide educators and students with resources needed to create flash animations and games. Many examples are provided.
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Tech and Learning Magazine. Issues in hard print and online. Free for educators. Technology trends, products, and resources. Special "In the Classroom" feature.
Trumbull County Educational Service Center
Computer Teacher Resources. Excellent list of links to computer teacher lesson resources.
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iTunes Podcasts: Wydea Wonders. Science and technology video podcasts. Animated videos that explain topics in an interesting, easy-to-understand method.
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Educational Technology Conference. This website provides a wealth of information supporting the eTech conference. Conferences support administrators, educators, technology coordinators, and media specialists. Student projects, lessons, grants, technology vendors, and professional development are supported by eTech.
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Business and Technology Educators Association. All business educators are welcome to join. Promotes educators to find methods and techniques to improve instruction in the field of business, so students are prepared for the business world.
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Ohio Department of Education
State of Ohio Technology Academic Content Standards, licensure, conduct, preparation for paraprofessionals, teachers, counselors, and principals.